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Pudelko 5


Anna KaAnna Ka
09:54 23 Apr 24
Martyna SzMartyna Sz
16:17 20 Apr 24
Absolutely the most delicious macaroons in Wrocław (and maybe in all of Poland?!). Very nice staff, friendly atmosphere and really fantastic coffee. I recommend 🙂
Krzysztof WierzbowskiKrzysztof Wierzbowski
18:20 13 Apr 24
Delicious macaroons, large selection of flavors. It's definitely worth falling in love with them.
Manuel VillenaManuel Villena
11:00 13 Apr 24
So so so!What delicious macrons. Homemade and worth walking for. The cappuccino is also delicious.Very nice and sweet people 🙏
12:35 27 Feb 24
The best macarons I have ever eaten in my life, I highly recommend them
14:35 12 Nov 23
Very tasty pasta. Soft and at the same time crispy cookies, a lot of cream and the cream itself is very tasty
16:20 10 Nov 23
Very nice atmosphere☕️
Donata MarulloDonata Marullo
22:58 03 Nov 23
Delicious macarons, the cake a work of art. Exceptional service and a beautiful venue!
Greta NurkowskaGreta Nurkowska
17:46 01 Nov 23
12:38 01 Nov 23
Patrycja PlutaPatrycja Pluta
13:15 27 Oct 23
The best macaroons in Wrocław ❤️
Shuu SpolskyShuu Spolsky
11:39 26 Oct 23
Yash DivekarYash Divekar
15:06 15 Oct 23
Very nice macaron.The person selling is very friendly and good. The shop has different types of Italian tea available.Love the variety of Macarons, caramel was my favourite. Highly recommended
Mikołaj KaliszewskiMikołaj Kaliszewski
14:11 10 Oct 23
Izabela K.Izabela K.
16:27 08 Oct 23
The best macaroons I've ever eaten!
Magda SMagda S
10:11 20 Sep 23
I liked them, but for some time now they have been giving less weight, which makes the macaroons dry. There should be more of it for this price.
Marta ZawistowsMarta Zawistows
19:20 28 Aug 23
Delicious sweets, tasty coffee.Very kind sir! It was a pleasure! Thank you!
klaudiusz kosidloklaudiusz kosidlo
14:25 27 Aug 23
Delicious coffee and a sweet little thing. Macaroons in rich flavor combinations, including sophisticated ones, are an offer for both connoisseurs and seekers of new taste sensations, all in a nice and friendly atmosphere. The place has its own charm, it is worth visiting while in the area.
Maria CzajkowskaMaria Czajkowska
15:53 05 Aug 23
A wonderful place that everyone should hear about. The macaroons taste delicious. Crispy dough and perfect interior. The place itself is well decorated, it immediately invites you to join it. I highly recommend this place. These are the best macaroons I've ever eaten.
Karolina UrbanowiczKarolina Urbanowicz
19:46 03 Aug 23
Delicious macaroons! Sophisticated flavors and each really very intense. Great service and the place is very charming. 🥰😋
Julia MęzikJulia Męzik
11:52 30 Jul 23
Grzegorz RutkowskiGrzegorz Rutkowski
05:10 24 Jul 23
jon snowjon snow
10:40 04 Jul 23
nice decor, friendly service, delicious macaroons and lemonade
Isandy CalderonIsandy Calderon
08:39 09 Feb 23
I love macarons and I was a little afraid that I was not going to be able to find a proper one here once we moved to Poland. Well, I stand corrected, one of the best macarons I've ever eaten. I love that the quality is consistent and the flavors are amazing. Also, the couple that runs the store is super nice. I keep coming back and back.
Goktug OzgurGoktug Ozgur
13:14 20 Jan 23
I used to be a macaroon aficionado, but my trip to Paris completely changed my perspective on Macarons. A good macaroon may be the most delicious dessert you've ever eaten. Then I tried hard to look for similar ones, but they were all mediocre. Until I found this place, the taste is really intense, fresh and delicious. Each bite gives you a feast of this specific taste. It was my first time but not the last!!!! Additionally it's such an amazing place if you wanna buy some dessert for your loved ones. My personal favorites were definitely Whiskey and Pineapple - Passionfruit - Coconut.
macarons plutomacarons pluto
21:17 18 Aug 22
Beautiful place, with delicious macarons.
17:26 29 Jun 22
This place is a fixed stop for me. Each macaron is delicious especially Accompanied with a cold drink, hot tea or a delicious Italian coffee. Classic and researched tastes but always so yummy. Let them suggest you! The best ones!
Mirjeta KazaziMirjeta Kazazi
16:51 29 Jun 22
Best macarons ever tasted!!!!!! Number one!


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